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Deadwood Designs is a wholesale textile screen printing shop located in Garden City, Idaho.
We do bulk printing for clients who have their own line of branded apparel, breweries, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, bands, artists, theaters, festivals, businesses, events and much more. Scroll on to see how Deadwood can help you with your next screen printed project.


Screen Printing

Deadwood has two manual six-color presses. We print each piece by hand, one color at a time using the most environmentally-friendly inks & products on the market, keeping the shop as safe as possible for ourselves, our customers and the environment. We ensure that your shirt has a soft feel while still achieving opaque colors that pop!


Deadwood has in-house and local freelance artists available based on your needs. We can create a design from scratch based on your ideas. Deadwood offers art separation services to make your art screen printable. Already have your art? To get it ready for screen printing artwork needs to be scaled to the exact size (100%) needed for screen printing. Low resolution images WILL NOT reproduce well. 

We use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Separation Studio and AccuRIP Half Tones to achieve quality art. If you are emailing Deadwood your art we accept the following art file formats:

  • .ai (Illustrator)

  • .psd (Photoshop)

  • .pdf (Adobe)

  • .eps (Encapsulated Postscript)

  • .tif (Tagged Image Format)


We work with many distributors to get you the right apparel for your project. Deadwood can help you choose a quality garment, and you can come see (and feel) some of our favorite pieces in our showroom.

We primarily print on the following items daily.

  • T-Shirts

  • Hoodies

  • Bags

  • Youth

  • Infant

Olly Dog: Owner Operator

Olly Dog: Owner Operator


Tell Us More

If you would like to get a price quote for your next project, please fill out the form and include the following information:

  • Garment Style (t-shirt, hoodie, other)

  • Quantity(s)*

  • Sizes

  • Number of Print Colors

  • Due Date

*Order minimum quantity for wholesale screen printing is 48 pieces, per design.

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Purchasers reselling products from Deadwood Designs are required to fill out an Idaho ST-101 form.

We can ship your order anywhere in the world!