Q: What is your minimum order size?

A: 48 Pieces, per design.

Q: Will you print me one shirt?

A: No. 48 is our minimum order size, per design.

Q: If I order 48 shirts now and want 500 shirts later, can I get the price for the 500 shirts on my 48 shirt order?

A: No. You can place an order now for 48 shirts at the 48 shirt price. When you place the order for 500 shirts you will receive the price for 500 shirts.

Q: If I place an order today will I be able to pick the shirts up by the end of the day?

A: No. We do not keep shirts in stock. We order shirts in per job. It can take up to 7 days to get all the shirts into our shop.

Q: How long will it take to get my shirts?

A: Our standard turn around time on orders is 10 days from the time we receive a payment and design is approved . In most cases your order will be done sooner than that.

Q: What if I need my shirts sooner?

A: There will be an expediting fee and we will require payment in FULL to begin the order.

Q: Can I pay you after you have printed all the shirts and I have sold them all?

A: No. We do not offer financing for our customers. All orders must have a deposit or the total amount paid to begin an order and the final balance paid upon order completion. See our Deposit and Payment page for payment info.

Q: Do you do Discharge printing?

A: No. We feel the process of Discharge printing to be toxic and not safe for us, the environment, our customers or our neighbors. We can use soft hand additives to our plastisol inks to achieve a similar look and feel.

Q: If I am ordering shirts from you to resell on my own, in the state of Idaho,  is there anything I need to do?

A: Yes, you will need to fill out an ST101 form, stating that you have a resale permit and can legally resell that item.

IDAHO ST-101 form